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How should the tarpaulin be preserved in peacetime

Because of its durability, tarpaulins are widely used in various industries. In fact, after the use of tarpaulin, well preserved, can continue to use next time, oh, then how to do a good job of tarpaulin preservation? Xiaobian summarizes the following points:
Firstly, folding and packing of canvas should be done well. The specific methods are as follows:
First, spread the canvas flat upward, remember to leave out two end ropes (D-type corner rope), and then fold both sides of the length direction to the canvas longitudinal midline.
Then divide the folded sides evenly into three parts and fold them twice in succession along the longitudinal midline.
3. Fold each side of the width direction of the tent toward the transverse midline of the tent, and then fold each side toward the middle two times in succession (D type is three times). Then press hard and firm.
4. Tie it with reserved rope and tie it cross on both sides. Tighten the rope tightly and fasten the rope tightly. At the same time, the rope tips should be secured. No loosening or loosening of the rope can occur, nor can the rope buckle fall off, nor can the bundled awning be dragged.
5. Fold well. The emblem and the number of the tarpaulin should be clearly and completely displayed for the next use. In fact, the purpose of folding tarpaulins is to facilitate the handling, safety, number copying, loading, counting, stacking and storage of tarpaulins.
After that, we should pay attention to the storage place of the tent. The best storage place of the tent is indoor. Don't expose it to the outside. In addition, we should keep the space circulating and away from the heat source.