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Essential Goods for Freight Car Canvas Transportation Indust

The rapid development of China's economy can be seen all over the world. It is not surprising that the growth rate of China's economy is so fast that it can not be overstated even by taking off. In this favorable development environment, the rapid growth of the national economy has brought about a substantial increase in the demand for road freight, thus promoting the growth of the demand for freight cars. China's logistics cost accounts for nearly 20% of GDP, about twice as much as Japan and the United States. To put it more exaggeratively, trucks support the "half the sky" of economic development and play an indispensable positive role in it.
There are more and more trucks in possession and more frequent transportation. It is obvious that the most important thing in transportation is safety. The first is the safety of vehicles and drivers, and the second is the safety of goods. We all have common sense that the weather is unpredictable. Maybe it was clear a thousand miles a hour ago and rainy in half an hour. Therefore, the protection measures for goods must be in place. A simple and effective way is to cover the top of the truck with a layer of military green, or dark green, wide green waterproof tarpaulin. This kind of canvas can protect goods very well, the most outstanding is its waterproof performance. Haining's waterproof tarpaulin for freight cars is made of PVC material, which is stitched together by hot seam, so that no water leaks. It has strong corrosion resistance and long service life. In addition, there are many advantages, such as strong pulling force, good soft at low temperature and so on. Compared with the boring carriage, canvas is easy to disassemble, and the cost is very low. It can achieve the same effect as the carriage. No matter what the weather is, windy, rainy, thunder, snow, don't worry. Driver friends can drive safely, because the protection measures of goods are all-round and dripping water is not leaky. With such a good product, are you motivated?